GAMES, area under contruction for a while


An RPG made on the OHRRPGCE. Currently in progress, Version 1.2beta released.


A few things before playing any game in this list.
1. you will likely be required to download Silverlight, a FREE program from Microsoft, if you have windows live messenger, then you already have it (or at least should)
2. To play a game you will always have to click the game's screen first. to figure out controls, if they screen doesn't provide any, look at thhe bottom right corner of the view box of the game. A "How to play" button will be there. read it.
3. Enjoy the games and ignore any comments on moo777 or anything of that sort, because it is no longer possible for me to expand upon the games, unfortunatly.

-The Bellyjish Adventure-
My first game I have ever made (computer-wise). It is a side-scrolling platformer game that places you as the Bellyjish! Don't know what a bellyjish is? Then play this game!

-TEXT the game-
A project that I did through my senior year of high school. It was very popular when popfly was around since it was the first game with all original sprites (popfly had a ton of premade sprites to be made for game usage, but they also had the ability to write text on characters...) and the first game to be made entirely out of text characters!!! Much time and efffort went into this game. A platformer game of a difficult type, there are 10 different powers, secret levels, hidden bonus stages, and some other stuff! Enjoy this game!

A game I made when I was bored, it was my first instance of ever using a text based character. I was helped out by my friend "The Magical Raden" in learning how to make up the text sprites. A space shooter type of game with a twist.

Well, this was going to be expanded to be a game just full of minigames and stuff, but all that got made was this first minigame. This was actually the remake of an old test game I had before even the Bellyjish Adventure, so, even though the platforms fall, I added a new mechanic to it: points! you get 1 point per second, so yeah. Beat 24 seconds of survival!

-RPD Bellyjish Style-
The first ever, and only, RPG type thing of popfly! My last big project before the website was shutdown, I spent about 2 years in thought of how to make this game work, and finally did! Unfortunatly, one week after I started this the website announced it's on-coming death which put me in a heavy depression in which I got nothing done. It still makes me sad today (I have NO good game maker) so I kinda don't want to talk about it anymore. anyways, here it is: Role Playing Demo- Bellyjish Style


I will have links to games I think are pretty awsome, but I didn't make, here.

A game by "Pete", thusly asumed to be Peter Bone, the creator of pivot stick figure animator. Reason: the name, it's pete, and before you say anything like "My name is pete" or "I know a pete too", Next Reason: The design and and "bones" are the same as the animator.
¤ ANYWHO, this game is a fun "doodle a track and run it" type of game. I'm thinking of adding a password submission topic being entered into the forums, so wait and watch! I'll even post a code of a place I made.

Brought to you by Hexatron!!! This old game, now public domain, is hard and fun. How far can you get?