Before we get to that, here's this. This is squishy, he is a gosh. Since no one could tell me what a "gosh" is I have dubbed it a specie of creatures made out of mashed potatoes and egg salad. Don't it just look joyful?

Greetings random passer-by, looking for some information on the site owner?
Well look no further! You've come to the right place to find absolutely nothing of impor-- er, an absolute TON of info on me!
As of Feburary 28th of 2014, I will be of an old 23 years of age (already? wow...).
I enjoy making things which include (but are not limited to) video games, sock creatures, art, food, and whatever suits my fancy.
I also enjoy playing games (video, board, card, etc.), and reading books (if they interest me).
I'm not all that crazy about...well, anything sinful.
And career-wise, I am attending school for programming skills, and I aim to get a job in that as well as using the skills to better my game design.
Lastly, you may come to know me as C.G., as that is the name I shall be signing my work with from now on.
So, until next year, see ya around the internet ya weeblin! -Me