More to come as I get bored!
If you take any, please give credit to me when you put it into something like your own web page, or profile in something!

Old Pivot

Some of my first creations, the ones that I like the most of the things I still have

Sooper Elephant! - My first one (I think) with a background that isn't white. A personal favorite of the old.

Ele-movie - My first time using an elephant character. That's it.

Majik - A friend of mine made a pivot thing with magic wands and stuff right next to me when I was thinking of something to make. It includes my unique figure from my comics, Uber Buff Stick Figure Man, I honestly don't knnow what spawned him in my mind, but now he is part of my pivot collection as well.

Random - Perhaps my longest pivot yet. Also seen on my about me page, it really just got slowly bigger and bigger over time. I ended it with a long necked guy of some sort morphing into the first two guys again to create a better loop. I ended this because I really wanted it in my web page in 11th grade when I found out how to make my animations into gif files to upload. This is the debue of Uber Buff Stick Figure Man as well, enjoy!

Lame - in all honesty, I don't find to be so, at least that much, but it is oddly interesting, the only other one with a background that I kept.

12 - I don't know why I chose this as the name, but it's short and interesting.

GLITCH! - I got bored and this idea was a little fed by the glitch in Final Fantasy 7, where when you go in the arena Cloud will have his hand on his sword, which is strapped to his back, then when he gets in the ring his hands, and sword, are phased right in front of him, and he then slowly raises his arms to a battle stance. sooooo, yeah. this is a bunch of randomness.

more to come!